iOS Apps Development

iOS Apps Development

iOS app development is a highly sought-after skill. iOS app developers, also referred to as Apple developers, build, test, and deploy apps for Apple’s iOS operating system. Just like the general mobile app development and wearable app development realms, iOS app development has seen a surge of certain trends.

iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system for the Apple iPhone and iPad devices. Any mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad are created to run on the iOS platform.

iPadOS is based on iOS but with additional features that take advantage of the unique functionality of iPad devices, such as multi-window experiences, PencilKit, etc.

watchOS is the operating system of the Apple Watch, which is based on iOS. Any app for the Apple Watch is created for the watchOS.

Different Ways to Develop iOS Apps:

iOS applications are developed in many different ways including

  • Native iOS Apps using Objective-C or Swift programming language
  • Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile Apps
    • Web-kit based (HTML5, Apache Cordova is formally known as PhoneGap)
    • Native apps using hybrid tools (Javascript, React Native, Xamarin, Google Flutter, etc)
    • NoCode Mobile App Development (for non-technical people)

We design and develop native iOS, as well as cross-platform hybrid applications (wherever possible) for

  • iPhone (iOS native apps)
  • iPad (iPad's native apps)
  • Universal apps (support both iPhone and iPad in one app)
  • Apple Watch (watch OS)
Native App Development (iOS, iPadOS & watchOS)

iOS apps can be developed using Swift or Objective-C programming language. The Swift programming language is becoming increasingly trendy since its adoption by Apple in 2015. It is now available with a stable ABI (Application Binary Interface) and binary compatibility. App developers are now focusing more on using Swift for its optimal business impact abilities.

Objective-C was the original programming language for iOS development. Since the adoption of Swift, Objective-C usage has been reduced but not fully eliminated as Apple iOS still has a lot of legacy code in the Objective-C. As part of our iOS work, we often see older applications continue to use Objective-C as migration to Swift is a big undertaking for many projects.

Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile App Development

Cross-platform mobile app development has become popular and it is a really good option for most business applications, as well for the initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or POC (Proof of concept). For these reasons, creating a cross-platform mobile app is a must-have for early-stage ventures and start-ups.

React Native and Google Flutter have been rising as one of the most popular platforms in recent times, as they provide native experience by writing code in Javascript.

Check out Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile App Development services for more details.

iOS Apps Design

User Experience and Design are some of the most important aspects of any mobile application. Native apps provide a much better and delightful experience, as apps are created specifically for iOS. Hybrid mobile apps cater to multiple platforms, and even though they handle the design nicely when it comes to standard things, but many times, iOS-specific design for the whole application may require custom effort, and defeat the purpose of hybrid platforms.

At Yogi Group, we understand the Apple design guidelines, and we provide our expertise and guidance to ensure your app complies with the Apple design guidelines and improves its chances to be featured in the Apple App Stores.

Native or Cross-platform Hybrid App – Which one is better?

One of the most common questions raised by almost every entrepreneur who is considering developing a mobile app is whether to build native apps or hybrid apps. Both options have pros and cons, and either option is not perfect for everyone, and they both have their place. Check out this article, which provides a good comparison of native versus cross-platform mobile app development options.

Our Experience

Yogi Group has strong expertise in developing native iOS and cross-platform hybrid mobile apps. We ensure a strong architectural foundation and follow guidelines and standards that make these apps compatible with any of these devices.

Some of our iOS app projects include

  • Illness Tracking Mobile App (Healthcare, Social, Messaging)
  • Handwritten Greeting card app
  • BoatAdvisor – Marketplace for Boat Service Providers
  • Ride-Sharing app
  • Mentoring mobile app
  • Social Networking apps
  • Apple Watch app for weather company

Apps have revolutionized our interactions with various devices. Given the high number of smartphones, tablets, and other intelligent devices in the world, it is becoming increasingly vital for firms to create new application software to remain popular and relevant to their customers and offer them a top-quality experience.

The demand for apps is not only high but also projected to rise sharply.

Looking for a reliable mobile app developer? Yogi Group is your go-to app development partner. Contact us today to learn how we can help.